The TALKE Group

Logistics involves more than just transportation and warehousing. That’s why we offer a full range of specialised logistics services to the chemical and petrochemical industries. With our own fleet of vehicles to transport consignments, our own logistics centres, numerous value-added services and extensive consulting services, there’s no question that we can satisfy your specific requirements.

It all started with Alfred Talke Sr. With just one lorry to his name, he started out transporting consignments for neighbouring chemical companies in 1947. Five years later, he unveiled his first ever self-designed lorry, developed especially for the transportation of acids and alkalis.

This readiness to explore new things and actively work to contribute to the success of our customers is still typical of TALKE today. We invest in our employees’ education and training, as well as in new sites and state-of-the-art equipment, in order to offer you the best possible range of services. Today, our services include standardised best practice solutions, as well as transportation, logistics and consultancy services tailored to meet your individual requirements – wherever and whenever you need us. Together, we can develop new markets and segments, and expand your operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our service portfolio is constantly being updated and expanded to ensure that it best reflects our customers’ needs and current market trends. As a seasoned, owner-led family business, we place great importance on achieving the highest possible standards of occupational and product safety, quality and environmental management – a fact reflected at every one of our sites and by each individual employee.