1968 to 1975: Expansion and innovation

From 1968 to 1975, TALKE undergoes significant changes and growth. The relocation of the headquarters to Kalscheuren in 1973 and the expansion with new locations in Stade and Ludwigshafen demonstrate TALKE's increasing importance in chemical logistics. The construction of a logistics center in Cologne-Niehl in 1975 sets new standards in intermodal transport services.

By the end of the 1960s, the Rhineland had finally developed into a chemical region. Just like the numerous customers from the chemical and petrochemical industry, TALKE continued to grow during this time. In the middle of this exciting time, Armin Talke Sr. joined the family business in 1968 at the age of 26.

Soon afterwards, TALKE made a strategic decision that has shaped the face of the company to this day: The original company premises in the center of Hürth are completely expanded in 1970. However, Kalscheuren, which at that time was still outside the city limits of Hürth, offered space for further growth. After long negotiations with the town authorities, construction work finally begins on Max-Planck-Strasse.


1973: TALKE moves to its current headquarters

One of the major advantages in Kalscheuren is having in-house filling and storage capacities. This enables us to further expand our service. We also have our own truck workshop here. The foundation for further growth has been laid.

Kalscheuren becomes the new headquarters of TALKE

With the completion of the construction work, the relocation of TALKE's headquarters begins, which is completed in 1973. The major advantages in Kalscheuren include its own filling and storage capacities. The company also has a dedicated truck workshop here. The foundations are laid for further growth with our customers and even better service.

A striking example of this growth is the TALKE site in Stade. It was built in 1972 at the same time as a new Dow Chemical plant. Thanks to the order from the chemical producer, TALKE is now also represented near the northern German Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The need for reliable special logistics for the chemical industry was also driven by the development of new innovative materials in the 1970s. Röhm GmbH, for example, produces the rigid foam polymethacrylimide (PMI). The material is highly heat-resistant, fatigue-proof and characterized by high rigidity. It is still used today primarily in aircraft and car construction as well as in medical technology.


1974: Always close to the customer - TALKE builds in Ludwigshafen

TALKE responds to the growth in the chemical sector and in 1974 opens a logistics center with a high silo facility in Ludwigshafen, the heart of the German chemical industry and headquarters of BASF.

Ludwigshafen and the development of intermodal logistics

Due to the rapid development of the industry, it is also becoming increasingly important for TALKE to have a direct presence with customers in other chemical regions. One of these locations is Ludwigshafen / Rhine. Today, the city is the headquarters of BASF and the center of one of the world's largest chemical sites. In order to strengthen its own presence in the southern German chemical industry at an early stage, TALKE opened a new logistics center including a high silo facility in Ludwigshafen in 1974.


1975: Opening of the Cologne-Niehl logistics center

The port of Cologne-Niehl is an important transshipment point for the chemical industry in the Rhineland. Alfred Talke has recognized this and has secured a connection to shipping there with its own logistics center. The site also has its own rail siding.

This makes Ludwigshafen the third TALKE location on the Rhine after Hürth and Düsseldorf. The immediate proximity to one of the world's busiest waterways is no coincidence. The port of Cologne-Niehl is becoming an increasingly important transshipment point for liquid chemicals, particularly for the chemical industry in the Rhineland. Alfred Talke Sr. recognizes this and secures the perfect connection to shipping with his own logistics center in 1975. The site also has its own rail siding. This laid the foundation for intermodal transport services such as the transshipment of tankers into tank trucks or containers. The family business itself also continues to grow: Norbert Talke, brother of Armin Talke senior, also joins the company at the age of 27.


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