1978 to 1986: Plastic conquers the world

From 1978 to 1986, TALKE experienced a period of continuous success, driven by the boom in the plastics industry. As the consumption of plastics increased, so did the requirements for safety in transportation. TALKE responds with intensive staff training and investment in modern training methods, underlining the importance of further training and expertise in this fast-moving sector.

Plastic products for all situations

At the beginning of the 1980s, the increasing demand for plastics for a wide variety of products also led to innovative new developments. General Electric, for example, launched polyetherimide on the market in 1981. This high-temperature-resistant plastic has high impact resistance and mechanical strength. It is also resistant to UV rays and flame retardant.

Combined with relatively inexpensive production, polyetherimide is conquering a wide range of industries. The plastic is used for the production of guitar picks as well as for many components in and on modern aircraft. Thanks to its special properties, it is also used for electronic components and in biomedicine.


1985: TALKE intensifies employee training

In view of increasing safety requirements in the handling of plastics, TALKE is introducing the "TIPS - TALKE's intensive personnel training" program. This focuses on the professional training of employees, including modern methods such as e-learning, to ensure quality and safety in the transportation of chemical products.

Higher safety requirements

With an ever wider range of products and unbroken demand, the consumption of plastics increases to 125 million m³ by 1983. Plastics are becoming a real alternative to steel in more and more areas. This also increases the need for employees with the necessary expertise to carefully transport the various chemical raw materials for production. The protection of people and the environment must always take center stage. This is why we are making targeted investments in employee training and are launching the TIPS - TALKEs intensive staff training program.

To this day, participation in traditional training courses and seminars makes an important contribution to our professional and personal development. As a learning organization, our goal is the continuous development of the company and our employees. That is why we at TALKE encourage participation in further training and invest in modern teaching methods such as e-learning.


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