1997 to 2017: TALKE expands all over the world

The years 1997 to 2017 were a time of remarkable growth and ground-breaking innovations. These two decades were characterized by strategic expansion, the opening up of new global markets and the development of pioneering logistics solutions.

From establishing new subsidiaries and introducing innovative container and loading concepts to expanding our global footprint, TALKE has established itself as a leading partner in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Immerse yourself in an era of change, progress and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Expansion and founding new companies

The period from 1997 to 2001 marked the beginning of a new era for TALKE with the foundation of TALKE NEDERLAND B. V. in Moerdijk. Here we established a new logistics facility and a logistics center for Montell (now LyondellBasell). This expansion continued in 2001 with the investment in a new chemical logistics center in Hürth-Knapsack and the opening of our branch in Kiev, Ukraine.


2004: Armin Talke receives the German Dangerous Goods Award

Armin Talke, Managing Director and son of the founder, receives the German Dangerous Goods Award for outstanding achievements in the safe handling of dangerous goods transportation, underlined by strict safety standards and intensive employee training at TALKE.

Milestones and challenges

2002 was a year of change: the Deutschmark was replaced by the Euro, Alfred Talke joined the company and we mourned the loss of Marga Talke. In 2003, we broadened our horizons by expanding into the Middle East, opening an on-site logistics center for Tasnee with our partner Aljabr in the Arabian Peninsula. 2004 and 2005 were years of success and recognition, marked by the awarding of the German Dangerous Goods Prize to Armin Talke and the opening of further logistics centers. In 2008, we opened a container terminal in Hürth and realized our largest project to date in Qatar.

Global expansion and a vision for the future

The years 2009 to 2017 were characterized by global expansion. We entered new markets in China, Bahrain and India and developed innovative container and loading concepts. In 2013, we expanded the container terminal in Hürth and continued our expansion in Dubai. 2014 marked the commissioning of a modern dangerous goods warehouse in Dubai and 2016 marked our entry into the US market.


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