Rail link

Located just a few hundred metres from Europe's largest container yard and providing a direct link to the Rhine, TALKE's own railway siding links the firm's professional handling of goods to the rail network of Deutsche Bahn, the German railway company.

This conveniently sited rail link enables TALKE to efficiently handle various goods while also contributing to process optimisation and guaranteeing consistent punctuality and high planning security.

However, the railway siding from TALKE's headquarters in Hürth, near Cologne, to the most important German freight train routes is far more than a mere interface between rail and road. It is also far more than a simple gateway to rail hub Köln-Eifeltor, just a few hundred metres away, the largest handling facility for combined transport in Germany. The rail link notably provides companies from all areas of the chemical industry with direct access to all of the TALKE Group's logistics and technical services.

Two level crossings on our company premises enable us to load palletised goods directly onto freight cars using, for instance, stackers. Tank and silo containers can also be moved between road and rail using reach stackers – or can be stored on the premises.

This layout also provides the perfect conditions for tank and container vehicle cleaning, maintenance and repair. Our respected repair shop, well-known for its efficiency, can be found at ground level with the rail link. Manufacturers and operators alike can, therefore, put their equipment back into service in the shortest time possible.