Highly experienced in the art of efficient plastics handling, the TALKE Group offers the full spectrum of logistics services for intermediate and finished products in the plastics industry. We also plan, build and operate the logistics plants the industry demands.

In a business environment in which costs and competitive pressures are constantly on the rise, it's vital that companies can fully focus on their core competencies. This is precisely what the TALKE Group enables its clients in the plastics industry to do. We handle their intermediate and finished products, transporting them efficiently and reliably to our customers' processing partners.

Even when dealing with non-hazardous materials such as polymers – usually in granular form – the proven quality and reliability of the TALKE Group makes all the difference. Product purity, precision drumming and efficient handling: TALKE guarantees all this and more with its in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Transportation, logistics and value-added services on three continents

For the petrochemical industry, we take charge of the transportation, storage and handling of plastic products. The value-added services we offer at a total of 39 sites employing more than 2,000 people in 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are also becoming increasingly important – most notably the filling, re-filling and packaging of products in containers ranging from lined sea containers to 20-kilogram bags.

Experienced and competent advice

Additionally, ever more plastics manufacturers are relying on our expertise to optimise their logistic processes and entrusting us with the planning, construction and operation of their warehouses and handling facilities. TALKE's Logistic- Solutions business unit provides comprehensive advisory, engineering and project management services under one roof.

A reliable partner for your product portfolio expansion

Of particular interest to plastics companies is the fact that TALKE can also help with the diversification and/or expansion of your vertical range of manufacture. Thanks to our experience in handling sensitive and hazardous materials, we can – among other things – assist our customers as they make the jump to manufacturing high-quality specialty chemicals.