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Chemical logistics company ALFRED TALKE expands to Southeast Asia

In spring 2022, TALKE will start with the construction of a warehouse for dangerous goods in Port Klang – forming the first phase of a larger chemical logistics centre. The plot is located within the bonded Westports terminal.

ALFRED TALKE, global supply chain partner to the chemical and petrochemical industry, is expanding into Southeast Asia. In spring 2022, the company will start construction of a 17,500 square-meter dangerous goods warehouse inside the Westports Terminal of Port Klang, Malaysia. This will be followed by the construction of a second phase of a similar size for non-dangerous chemicals. For this, TALKE has leased an area of 14.7 acres. The plot is located within the bonded Westports terminal of one of the region's busiest ports, with prime sea and road access.

In its 75-year history, TALKE has built up specialized expertise in handling dangerous goods and chemicals. With this knowledge, TALKE will meet the growing demand for modern and scalable logistics infrastructure. The planned state-of-the-art dangerous goods warehouse is unique in Port Klang. In addition to dangerous goods, TALKE will also offer storage for polymers and other non-dangerous chemicals, complemented with value-added services such as refilling or packaging.

With this step, the company is creating a new hub in Southeast Asia for its customers. The region continues to experience high GDP growth rates in the chemical industry and expects consumption of polymers and chemicals to increase. Malaysia lies at the heart of this region, where intercontinental and intra-Asian maritime trade routes meet. In recent decades, Malaysia has seen a huge increase in container traffic, surpassing other emerging economies in the region. Port Klang is the country's most important port and is strategically located on the peninsula's west coast on the Strait of Malacca - one of the world's busiest trade routes with over 100,000 ships passing through annually. After Singapore, Port Klang is the second largest port in Southeast Asia and has become an attractive alternative. Major advantages are the lower price level and the availability of affordable land. In terms of container throughput, the port ranks 12th in the world.

As part of the expansion, TALKE plans to be actively involved with Westports in the strategic shaping of Port Klang and the region. "Westports Port Klang has great potential for the development of integrated facilities for polymers and chemicals. We firmly believe that the region and our facilities will be of great strategic importance to our existing and new customers in the years to come," says Alex Herreboudt, Director Middle East and Asia at TALKE. "We want to further develop the entire site and have committed ourselves to extensive investments. We are able to flexibly adapt to changing market and customer requirements and can offer services that are not yet sufficiently available in Port Klang."

TALKE has already pioneered the development of successful chemical logistics centers in other regions in the past. The company demonstrates this, for example, in Dubai, where it now operates one of the most modern warehouses for chemical products. Its business success is based on existing relationships with large and medium sized companies producing and distributing chemical products.

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TALKE is one of the world’s leading logistics service providers for the chemical and petrochemical industry. The core competencies of the company founded in 1947 include the transport, storage and handling of hazardous and harmless materials in all aggregate states. In addition, the logistics specialist offers consulting, design and implementation of appropriate structures, processes and systems. With a total of more than 4,600 employees, TALKE is active within Europe, the Middle East, India, China and the United States.

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