Hürth/Helsingborg | 13.04.2016

TALKE and TETRA Chemicals expand cooperation

The chemical logistics specialist TALKE and the European branch of TETRA Chemicals, the leading producer and provider of calcium chloride, are strengthening their cooperation. TALKE has now also taken on the transportation of calcium chloride from Ham, Belgium, to Germany, Austria and Hungary.

The chemical logistics specialist TALKE has taken on the transportation of calcium chloride from Ham, Belgium, for TETRA Chemicals Europe, headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden. The calcium chloride will be transported by road as well as combined road and rail. With this latest expansion, TALKE is now also responsible for part of the supply chain of the Tessenderlo Group’s production location in Ham.

The Belgian Tessenderlo Group and TETRA Chemicals had already joined together in a strategic partnership in 2014 in order to concentrate their capacities in producing and marketing calcium chloride. The Tessenderlo Group had constructed a new production plant at its location in Ham for this purpose. TETRA Chemicals will handle the marketing. “The aim of the strategic cooperation with the Tessenderlo Group is to further strengthen the international brand leadership of our companies in the production and marketing of calcium chloride and potassium sulphate,” explains Anders Jensberg, Director of Logistics & Procurement at TETRA Chemicals Europe. “It pleases me all the more that with TALKE we have a proven specialist for transport on board who can support us in reliably honouring our delivery promises right from the very first load.”

The TALKE Group and its Spanish joint venture Global-TALKE have already worked together with TETRA Chemicals in a spirit of trust for several years. From the production location Frankfurt, each year TALKE transports around 11,000 tonnes of calcium chloride to destinations in Germany, Belgium and France. At the Spanish industrial port of Tarragona, Global-TALKE takes over complete shiploads of calcium chloride, in total some 15,000 tonnes per year, transporting it from its logistics location there to recipients throughout Spain.

Photo: Cooperation extended: The TALKE Group and TETRA Chemicals will now also cooperate in transporting calcium chloride from Ham, Belgium, to Germany. Jpg, 1,8 MB.