Crafting Responsible Logistics

The sustainable transformation toward climate neutrality poses major challenges for society. And the transport & logistics sector in particular plays a decisive role in this. We are aware of our responsibility and are taking a close look at our options as part of our responsibility program.

Our thinking and actions are designed for the long term, because our goal is to make a tangible positive difference today and for future generations. Based on the overarching corporate strategy, TALKE is developing the sustainability program Crafting Responsible Logistics. Dieses führt regulatorische Anforderungen, Erwartungen unserer Kunden und verantwortungsvolle Unternehmensführung zu einem Ganzen zusammen.

It also takes environmental and social aspects into account, as well as the interests of our stakeholders. To achieve this, we are not only concerned with concrete goals and measures, but also with the attitude with which we shape the future: It is a shared task that brings together the commitment and knowledge of everyone we work with. This requires openness, team spirit and trust.

Our responsibility strategy comprises a total of four areas of action. All current and future measures are bundled under these four areas and pay tribute to the strategic goals:

Strategy & Management

With our ambitious Responsibility Strategy, we are committed to making a measurable contribution to the sustainable transformation of chemical logistics. With clear management processes and policies, we are laying the foundation for growth, greater resilience and holistic, responsible action. To achieve this, we work in strong alliances and seek joint solutions with our customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Climate & Environment

We are steadily reducing our CO2 emissions and will be climate-neutral from 2040. But we are not limiting ourselves to climate protection measures. The responsible use of resources and the development of circular economy solutions are also at the heart of our activities.

People & Society

A corporate culture characterized by trust, in which teamwork and further development are a matter of course, is the basis for sustainable success. Because only with the commitment of all, we create the responsible transformation. A 100% safe working environment and attractive working conditions are the standards by which we measure ourselves. This applies not only to our own workforce, but also to all employees along our supply chains. We are convinced that our future will be significantly shaped by diversity, equality and inclusion. We are committed to regional engagement and will thus make a valuable contribution to society.

Transparency and Dialogue

We have set ourselves ambitious goals, and to achieve them, continuous commitment and long-termism are important factors. We want to take all our stakeholders with us on our journey - and that means communicating regularly and credibly about both our goals and results, as well as challenges along the way. For us, open dialog and collaboration in a spirit of partnership are important prerequisites for working together on the solutions of our time.

Sustainability is more than just a strategy - sustainability is a joint task. We can all make a contribution and actively address the issue of anchoring sustainability even more firmly in our actions.