Reverse logistics

Given the limited availability of raw materials today, some production residues are no longer considered to be waste, but a valuable commodity. The TALKE Group offers the safe and professional return transportation of liquid chemicals.

Very often, there's so much hidden potential in our so-called waste that it's well worth reselling. Here’s a typical example: various acids are used in the chemical finishing and coating of metals and recycling enables us to recover the metal residues dissolved in these acids. Likewise, flammable liquids originally used in the manufacturing process can serve as a source of energy in other sectors.

In order for valuable materials to start their second life, they generally have to be transported to another location. However, according to German waste legislation, those who transport waste products professionally must hold a special licence. In addition, strict legal requirements must be adhered to when transporting hazardous goods. That means that reverse logistics is a job for specialists.

No matter which way you look at it, the TALKE Group is the perfect partner to correctly transport production residues and thus handle a further section of its customers' supply chain. Our company has been a certified specialist waste management company in accordance with German waste legislation for years. In addition, we have extensive experience in transporting hazardous goods.

This expertise enables TALKE to assist customers at every stage of a material’s life cycle. For the manufacturers of chemical products, this translates into real added value, since they can obtain consistently high-quality procurement, distribution and reverse logistics services from a single source, while also offering their own customers return transportation services for the materials supplied and used.