Technical services

The professional cleaning, maintenance and repair of equipment is a vital prerequisite for the safe storage and transportation of goods. The TALKE Group has assumed internal responsibility for these important services.

As a family business, the safety of our employees and customers, as well as that of the environment and the wider society, is TALKE’s top priority – and it can only be assured through the use of modern, safe and well-maintained equipment.

We operate our own repair shop for the maintenance and repair of silos, tanks, containers and other equipment at our head office in Hürth, Germany. Tankers, silo trucks and containers are also professionally cleaned at our Hürth and Stade sites.

Our customers in the chemical industry benefit in numerous ways from this hands-on approach; as a result of our scrupulous cleaning, faultless equipment is always ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. All those who handle our vehicles in their day-to-day work, therefore, enjoy maximum safety thanks to our clean and serviceable equipment. This applies not only to the equipment provided by TALKE, but also to the external vehicles that we maintain, repair and clean as a matter of course.

TALKE is a founding member of the German Association of Internal Tank Cleaners (Deutscher Verband der Tankinnenreiniger, DVTI). In addition, our Hürth site near Cologne has been approved as an inspection body for intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) by the German Federal Office for Materials Research and Inspection (BAM).