Tank Cleaning

TALKE also offers a professional cleaning service for all of the products and vehicles that it handles from day to day – from IBCs to road tankers, and from non-hazardous to hazardous materials – complete with a waste disposal service.

The cleaning of tankers and silo trucks, as well as of their containers and IBCs, is instrumental in assuring supply chain efficiency. This is because if vehicles are always cleaned promptly, they can be used more efficiently in precisely timed transport chains. What’s more, the purity of shipped products can only be guaranteed time after time if vehicles and equipment are cleaned in accordance with professional guidelines.

Consequently, you'll find qualified specialists with extensive technical and safety equipment on hand at TALKE’s Hürth and Stade sites. They clean the tankers, silo trucks, containers and IBCs used to carry each product transported by our company.

Full coverage for all common hazardous goods classes, including waste disposal

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of hazardous materials, we can handle all hazardous goods classes commonly found in the chemical industry. As an approved specialist waste management company, we can also remove chemical residues and waste products from equipment during cleaning on request.

In accordance with our internal safety standards, we regularly perform checks which go far beyond the legal requirements. We can also heat containers with water, steam or electricity as needed.

Services for drivers

While the vehicles are being serviced, we also give the drivers of tankers and silo trucks the chance to rest and relax a little. Depending on the TALKE site, they can shower, eat, or even stay the night. A bonus programme also rewards drivers and companies for their regular use of our cleaning stations.

TALKE is a founding member of the German Association of Internal Tank Cleaners (Deutscher Verband der Tankinnenreiniger, DVTI).

For all enquiries and bookings, please contact our cleaning specialists – they'll be more than happy to help you!