Vacuum silos

When mistakes happen, it's good to know who to turn to for help. After accidents have occurred or when storage silos have been mistakenly filled with the wrong product, TALKE’s vacuum silos can put things right – anywhere throughout Europe and straightaway.

Thanks to our vacuum equipment, we can suction clean a wide range of dry products. Whether there's been an operational disruption or an accident or silos have been filled with the wrong product, TALKE can, at a moment’s notice, supply you with special vacuum silos equipped with extra compressors. We can then use these machines to clean up atomised materials, granulates, powders and all forms of bulk materials and spillages.

An ‘emergency service’ for accidental product mixing

This enables us – among other things – to minimise damage or loss as a result of mixing products. The remaining contents of the silo will not be contaminated and can, therefore, be processed as the manufacturer originally intended. Depending on the degree of contamination, we can even blow the vacuumed material back into a storage silo so that it, too, can still be used.

TALKE’s vacuum silos have a capacity of up to 60 cubic metres and can be deployed anywhere in Europe. Should the need arise, they can siphon off product from tower silos, silo trailers and containers, barrels and drums, and virtually any other vessel containing non-hazardous materials.