Dry bulk transport

When it comes to transporting dry, finely granulated and other pourable products, TALKE supports its customers with efficient solutions and a broad range of services up to and including the construction of flexible forward stock locations.

Our customers can have complete confidence in TALKE’s professional knowledge and expertise, as well as our high-tech equipment. Boasting state-of-the-art vehicles, innovative technologies, highly trained staff and an efficient network of branch offices and partners, we create conditions that allow our clients to react flexibly to market movements and thus secure competitive advantages for themselves and their companies.

Specialist equipment ideally suited to product storage

Depending on your requirements and the type of product to be transported, we also have at our disposal suction and pressurised vehicles, pressurised silos, unpressurised containers and tipper chassis, as well as specially customised containers to suit your individual needs. Our more than 1,100 transport units – comprising 310 silo trucks, 250 pressurised silo containers, 40 special ADR containers, 550 unpressurised containers (which can also be used to store product), tipper chassis and rotary valves – are strategically located at selected sites ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

To meet our customers’ dry bulk requirements, we develop Europe-wide intermodal and road transport concepts, as well as product-oriented and individually-tailored logistics solutions – even for hazardous goods transportation.

Individually-tailored solutions up to and including forward stock location

So that our customers can always react quickly and flexibly to the demands of their clients within complex and (very often) intercontinental supply chains, we now also frequently operate and equip forward stock locations (FSL), thus ensuring that products always arrive where they are needed in the shortest possible time.