Liquid bulk transport

The safe and reliable transportation of liquid chemicals of all common hazardous goods classes has been the TALKE Group’s core competency for decades. We have the experience, the (specialist) equipment and the qualified staff to do the job right.

Leading global companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries have entrusted TALKE with their sensitive goods – for decades at a time in some cases. This is because we always provide them with the right transport solution for their liquid products.

In the Liquid Bulk business unit, we have a vast, state-of-the-art fleet of tankers and tank containers which can be used to reliably transport non-hazardous and hazardous liquids to their destination. With more than 1,200 tankers and tank containers at our disposal, we always tailor our services to the product concerned to ensure maximum safety and security – with single- and multi-chamber containers available as required.

Approved specialist equipment – even in intermodal transport

The TALKE Group makes use of a vast transport network to connect its customers in Europe and farther afield with their suppliers and end consumers, both via classic road transport using tankers as well as by intermodal and road transport using containers.

Where necessary, we can supply specialist equipment for this purpose. Our specialists can also modify or develop unique transport solutions to satisfy individual customer requirements, if desired.

Value-added services and waste management logistics

Alongside our transport solutions, chemical manufacturers can take advantage of the TALKE Group’s full range of professional value-added services for liquid products.

Our expertise in liquid bulk transportation also affords our customers significant competitive advantages, not least in the increasingly important field of waste management logistics.