Our Values


At TALKE, our values are more than just words - they are the heart of our daily actions and the essence of our corporate identity. These values form the DNA of our Group and guide us in all situations.

Our Values

Customer Centricity

We prioritize customer needs by listening thoroughly and being proactive, while maintaining our identity. Continuous dialog enables us to offer innovative solutions that distinguish us as the #1 solution provider.

Our Values


We question the tried and tested and explore new ideas with courage and curiosity in order to shape the industry and utilize change as an opportunity. Our innovative strength and experience enable us to act as a role model and learn from our mistakes.

Our Values


We balance ecological and economic impacts with the needs of customers, employees and society. Our long-term goal is to create a positive difference for current and future generations, always prioritising safety.

Our Values

Team Spirit

Our potential unfolds when we work together as a global team that shares knowledge and strengths and operates across borders. We cultivate respect and the warmth of a family business in our daily interactions, especially in critical situations.

Our Values


Trust characterizes all our relationships. We guarantee quality and punctuality, adhere to agreements and promote open communication. This mutual trust supports our development and reinforces TALKE's commitment as a responsible partner and employer.

Our Values


We strive for continuous improvement and quality leadership by acting in a solution-oriented manner and prioritizing our tasks according to their benefits for customers, the company and the environment. We pursue our ambitious goals with dedication, professionalism and efficiency.


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