TALKE is based on several business principles. One principle amongst these is the advancement of responsible, cautious and sustainable behavior towards our employees, our affiliates, the society and the environment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Rules for responsible business practices

The TALKE Supplier Code of Conduct defines binding behavioral rules and principles regarding sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It applies to all suppliers of the ALFRED TALKE GmbH & Co. KG. We wish our suppliers to feel obliged to social labour and business practices, fair behavior and working conditions, as well as to unrestricted compliance to all valid legislation. All suppliers have to fulfill the respective national and international laws/ rules and the principles of this TALKE Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our aim is to work only with suppliers which act according to the principles of TALKE Supplier Code of Conduct and which commit their own suppliers and business partners to total compliance. With the signature, the supplier accepts the behavioral rules of TALKE Supplier Code of Conduct together with any changes over time.

Human Rights / Labour and Social Standards

  • You respect and protect all internationally proclaimed human rights!
  • You do not become an accessory to the violation of human rights!
  • You support fair working conditions!
  • You prohibit any kind of discrimination in employment and at the workplace!
  • You fight against any kind of forced and child labour!


Environment, Health and Safety

  • You protect life and health of all employees, neighbours and the general public!
  • You support a safe and environmentally acceptable transportation and utilise environmental-friendly technologies!
  • You are careful and efficient about products and resources!


Fair Competition

  • You respect all national and international applicable regulations, which protect fair competition, anti-trust law and trade control!
  • You prevent any exchanges of privileged information and data with competitors!
  • Fair business practices have highest priority in your company!


Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest

  • You strictly separate personal interests from matters of business! In this way you avoid any conflicts of interest while accomplishing your supplier contract!


Fighting Corruption

  • You do not tolerate any kind of corruption!
  • You fight against blackmailing and bribery in your business connections!
  • You strictly forbid the acceptance/ demand/ offer/ grant for material benefits, which might have influence on processes and decisions!
  • You prevent any kind of bribe payments and money laundering! Violations will be prosecuted!


Data Protection

  • All privileged and protected information and documents, as well as personal data of employees, customers and other companies are bound to secrecy!
  • Every abuse will be prosecuted!
  • You comply with all national laws and regulations regarding data protection!