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Highly competent chemical warehousing

Your one-stop solution provider for safe, efficient, and specialized storage solutions in the chemical industry. Discover our broad service portfolio.

In brief

Why TALKE is the best choice as your warehousing partner?

From commodities to fine chemicals: our modern warehousing facilities and qualified teams offer you safe, tailor-made solutions.

Specialists for versatile storage solutions

With a global storage capacity of over 750,000 square meters, we are experts in the safe and efficient storage of chemical substances and products. Our modern facilities are specifically designed for efficient material flow and offer state-of-the-art safety systems which meet the highest standards.

Versatile storage options

Our single and multi-client centers are specifically designed to meet the needs of the chemical industry. We offer both on-site (in-plant) and off-site warehousing for a wide range of products - from commodity chemicals to specialized fine chemicals. Our portfolio covers solids and liquids and ranges from harmless materials to highly sensitive hazardous materials.

Highest safety standards

Safety is our top priority. All of our sites have strict access security and are equipped with automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems. Some of our facilities also have automated wastewater analysis.

Flexible packaging options

Our versatile storage solutions offer you all common packaging types, from 20-kilo bags and big bags to storage silos. If required, we also offer temperature-controlled storage to maintain the quality of your products.

Individual warehouse solutions

The diversity of our warehouse locations is specifically tailored to the diverse products and requirements of our customers. We offer specialized storage solutions such as silos, high-bay warehouses and hazardous materials storage facilities to provide optimal support for your supply chain.

Import and export expertise

Our bonded warehouses simplify the handling of import and export transactions. As a certified waste management company, we also offer approved interim waste storage facilities.

Value-added services

In addition to pure storage, we offer a variety of value-added services. These include sampling, processing and even specialized analytical procedures for your products.

What sets us apart

Efficient supply chain: our warehouse locations including silos and high-bay warehouses optimally support your supply chain.

Global presence: Our extensive network makes us your reliable partner both locally and globally.

Individualized solutions: Every customer is unique. That's why we tailor our services specifically to your needs.


Talk to our experts!

We are here for you! Do you have questions or need more information about our versatile storage solutions? Our experts will be happy to assist you. Contact us now for an individual consultation.

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