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In brief

New paths in logistics

By using innovative digital solutions, TALKE is setting new standards in chemical logistics.

Real-time tracking and data integration

Digitalization is a top priority at TALKE. Our TALKE Data Hub enables advanced real-time tracking by consolidating data from various sources such as SAP transportation and logistics data, external data and tracking information. This comprehensive data collection and integration enables a new level of transparency and efficiency in the supply chain by providing our customers and partners with detailed insights into their delivery processes.

App and portal solutions

To meet the ever-changing needs of customers, TALKE offers customized app and portal solutions. These enable flexible and user-friendly tracking and management of delivery data based on event and GPS data. The high flexibility in sharing and extracting information ensures that our customers can retrieve the data relevant to them anytime and anywhere, simplifying and optimizing the entire logistics process.

Seamless integration of technology

In today's fast-paced world, efficient technology integration is essential. TALKE uses state-of-the-art interface technology to enable seamless integration of warehouse and transportation solutions. This technology is independent of the software used and ensures efficient and smooth processes across a variety of platforms and systems. Our ETL layers are based on SAP BTP or standard converters, enabling efficient management of partners and applications in our modern ecosystem.

SAP-based IT excellence

The IT systems at TALKE are a prime example of technological excellence. By using the company-wide SAP ERP system and the SAP Supply Chain Integration Suite, we can support complex transportation and logistics processes. Our partnership in the development of the SAP Transport Management System demonstrates our commitment to technological innovation. In addition, our redundant data centers provide maximum security and data integrity to ensure the smooth operation of our IT infrastructure.



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