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Why choose TALKE for your Engineering Solutions?

At TALKE, we specialize in the development of onsite and offsite logistic terminals. Whether connected directly to your manufacturing plant or situated elsewhere, we offer tailor-made solutions.

Conceptual design studies

The initial conceptual design phase is crucial for the development of your facility. During this phase, the primary goal for TALKE is to define the overall concept and layout of the logistic terminal. TALKE emphasizes the importance of always engaging with a logistic specialist for this phase from the very beginning, as it will ultimately determine the operability, functionality and efficiency of the terminal.

The output of the conceptual design phase is a clear and well-documented concept. This concept will serve as the foundation for subsequent phases, including the FEED, EPC and O&M. It is essential to invest time and effort in this phase, to ensure that the terminal meets its intended purpose efficiently and effectively while aligning with the needs of all stakeholders.

FEED studies

Performed after the conceptual design, FEED studies bridge the gap between initial ideas and full-scale development. They provide detailed project documentation, thereby aiding decision-making and funding approvals.

The output of the FEED studies for a logistic terminal typically includes a comprehensive set of documents, plans and analyses that provide a clear and detailed understanding of the project. It defines the project scope, technical requirements, and cost estimates more precisely and facilitates decision-making and funding approvals.

Logistic Management Systems (WMS, TOS, TMS)

A Logistic Management System (LMS) comprises of hard- and software elements designed to streamline and optimize the flow of materials within and outside the facility. Such a system is essential for efficient coordination of the receipt, storage, handling, and dispatch of products, ultimately ensuring smooth operations. Some key components of an integrated LMS system are the Warehouse Management System (WMS), Terminal Operating System (TOS) and the Transport Management System (TMS).


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