Equipment maintenance and repair

The TALKE Group’s good name stands for exceptional quality and reliability. The key to this excellent reputation is equipment that's 100% reliable. Our repair shop services ensure that we never depart from these high standards.

Whether used on behalf our clients’ equipment or our own vehicles and machinery, our repair shop’s technical expertise and state-of-the-art maintenance technology guarantee that transport hardware remains in the best possible condition.

Regular maintenance and inspection, as well as fast repairs, can reduce downtime, thus contributing to cost optimisation for our customers.

Those who work with TALKE see lasting benefits from our professional on-site services. Our certified welders can reach every part of a defective container thanks to our container bogie. We also carry out insulation work on containers in accordance with the very strictest industry standards. Meanwhile, our well-stocked spare parts depot helps to reduce waiting times.

At our Hürth site, we also offer the full spectrum of repair shop services for rail tankers, which can be rolled onto the premises via our on-site rail link.

Repairs, alterations and custom builds

TALKE carries out special alterations for so-called ‘dedicated equipment’ – equipment used exclusively by a certain customer or to transport a certain product.

We can also retrofit and finish standard equipment in our own repair shop. This kind of work might involve installing special fittings compatible with our customers’ own systems, or even fitting gas displacement lines to IBCs, which is indispensable when it comes to unloading certain materials in a controlled atmosphere.

In our modern service centre, our maintenance teams work to ensure the complete reliability and serviceability of our equipment. This entails carrying out various tests and inspections required by law, as well as performing regular checks which go far beyond the legal requirements.