Tests, inspections and approvals

Our customers can benefit in two ways from our high-quality repairs, alterations and upgrades. This is because TALKE is legally authorised to conduct official tests and inspections, approve retrofitted equipment and issue quality seals on its own premises.

TALKE can, therefore, also act as a ‘technical inspection authority’ – which can benefit our customers in a number of ways. Those with their own IBCs in circulation can have their equipment regularly inspected – as required by law – by our own technicians. Should repairs be necessary before we can issue a quality seal, our repair shop will carry them out on site. This minimises downtime and ensures that your equipment will always be in excellent condition.

Approved by the BAM as an inspection body for IBCs

Our Hürth site near Cologne has been approved as an inspection body for IBCs by the German Federal Office for Materials Research and Inspection (BAM). This also includes the inspection and approval of retrofitted equipment such as gas displacement lines.

Likewise, we carry out repeat tests in accordance with the ADR and the European Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC), as well as CSC inspections, inspections of the interior coatings of equipment, and leakage tests.

With our comprehensive technical services, we guarantee maximum transport safety for our customers – while also saving them considerable time and expense. Above all else, however, our customers can be sure of working with faultless equipment, thus eliminating the chance of accidents or malfunctions.